Fitness Coaching

One Time Consult

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  • Includes a thorough review of your personal health history, and evaluates your current stressors, hormone balance, digestive wellness, and past traumas to create a unique solution to why you may not be losing weight
  • Consult includes hour long phone or Zoom consult, and personalized action plan with call notes from our session

One on One Coaching

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  • Includes health evaluation as described in the consult, plus evaluation report of your current health needs in a typed PDF
  • Includes an evaluation of all recent blood work, or relevant labs
  • Includes totally customized nutrition strategy based on your goals, hormone and digestive balanacing needs (for example, PCOS, IBS, auto immune challenges, hypothyroid, adrenal “fatigue” or insuffiency, female hormone imabalances, migrains, postmenopausal weight loss, infertility, postpartum weight loss, male hormone imbalance, performance, fat loss, muscle gain, metabolic adaptation, and general stubborn weight loss despite eating less and moving more)
  • Includes weekly check in’s via email for accountability, support, and program adjustments
  • Weekly check-in’s evaluate more than just scale weight, but also inches lost, and management of hunger, cravings, energy, sleep, and digestion so the client is evaluated as whole person, and not just a number on the scale
  • Includes easy to follow recipes and meals you can make using normal ingredients
  • Includes easy to follow eating out instructions (no packing meals everywhere you go!)
  • Includes custom workout plan (if you choose that option–you can do just a meal plan, or meal plan with a workout)
  • Includes complete sustainable eating instructions so you can follow the plan as a lifestyle, and not as a one time “diet”

Weekly Fat Loss Meal Plan: The Recipe Vault

$19.99 a month

  • Your membership solves the dilemma of wondering what to eat, when to eat it, and how to make the food taste delicious following the dairy/gluten/soy and sugar free lifestyle (whether it for personal reasons, or out of necessity)
  • Your monthly website membership includes a new, delicious (and sustainable!) meal plan every week that is low carb, and dairy/gluten/soy and sugar-free
  • Each weekly meal plan includes 2 breakfast recipes, 2 lunch recipes, 2 snack recipes, 3 dinner recipes and 1 sugar-free dessert recipe along with 4 step coaching instructions for food prep to keep it simple
  • Includes an “done for you shopping list” every week that saves you the trouble of making one yourself
  • This is a convenient subscription that is not a contract, and able to be started and stopped at any time

Insider Circle Coaching

$47 a month

  • Includes membership access only to a coaching website with a private, intimate Facebook Group Support in a community of members on the same journey as you
  • Monthly membership includes a new meal plan and/or workout every month depending on the topic
  • Includes 4 Live Weekly Q&A sessions a month (replay available within the Facebook group)
  • Includes daily accountability
  • Includes my personalized responses to member’s questions
  • This is not a contract, it is a subscription, and can be started and stopped as desired
Inside Circle Coaching
Corporate nutrition coaching

Corporate nutrition

Includes Corporate VIP day workshops, lectures, and breakout sessions with employees for
Ongoing Corporate nutrition coaching contracts are also available to help decrease employee sick days, and increase performance, motivation, and job satisfaction 
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Speaking engagements

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