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The weekly fat loss menu that focuses on you. Not your food.
This is not another diet. It’s the menus that have worked for secret service agents and stay-at-home moms, now easily delivered to your inbox every week for $4.99.

Ready to wave goodbye to that stubborn fat without thinking twice about what your family should eat?
Gluten free
Dairy free
Soy free
Sugar free
There’s a reason you’re not losing weight.
And it’s because most meals plans or diets only consider the calories in food. It’s not centered around you, your metabolism, or your body. That’s where we come in.

The foods you eat directly affect your hormones. Your hormones affect your metabolism, the way your body stores fat, and can cause a number of hormone-related conditions. This is our difference, this is what each weekly meal plan is built around, and this is why you lose weight and keep it off.
What You Will Learn On This Recipe Vault Membership
Secret #1:
Backed By Science, Not Calories
Each plan is carefully designed by our metabolic nutritionists to get you results you can see, feel, and maintain for life.
Secret #2:
Confident, Consistent Eating
Don’t think twice about whether your meals are fuelling your weight loss or are undoing your hard work.
Secret #3:
Delicious Family Meals

Fuel the whole family with the right foods every day to keep them happy, healthy and active. No cooking of separate meals required!
Secret #4:
Hints, Tricks & Shopping Lists
We make weight loss as easy as possible with great cooking tips, storage solutions and pre-made shopping lists for you.
Knowing what to eat is more than half the battle.
Your Recipe Vault membership includes:
  • ​New menu every week
  • ​Weekly shopping list
  • ​3 meals and snacks every day
  • ​Delicious sugar-free desserts
  • ​Full cooking instructions and links
  • ​Cooking Hints
  • ​Storage Tips
  • ​Pause or cancel at any time
$4.99 per week!
3 reasons why weight loss is so hard!
Join the recipe vault now and get your first weekly meal plan today.
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