About Becki

I am a degreed metabolic nutrition, and fitness coach, and have been coaching for the past 13 years. Have you ever noticed most of our experiences with weight loss, and health are actually reactionary?
You suddenly want to lose “x” number pounds, and you think: “how did I get here?

You’re diagnosed with a thyroid condition, and you think: “when did this happen? Must be bad genes.

The truth is that many late-onset hormonal conditions and seemingly “stubborn” weight loss issues can be prevented, and even largely reversed and managed just by changing what you eat, how you move, and how you sleep and de-stress. I bet no one ever told you that. Well, I’ve got some more good news, so keep reading!

What if you never had to “be on another diet” ever again? What if you just always knew what to eat, when to eat it, and what specific foods caused you to lose weight/gain weight? What if you knew exactly how to exercise to get the result you want?

It is possible. And, this is what I coach my clients to discover for themselves when we work together.

We all know that it takes portion control, and reduction of calories in order to lose weight. The Law of Thermodynamics teaches us that. But, what if certain foods were stagnating your weight loss, and you had NO idea and had never been educated on that possibility? In autoimmune conditions, in particular, it becomes crucial to understand how certain foods affect your body. What if you were given a Hashimoto’s diagnosis never told the top 3 things that make it worse? Or, what if you’re a woman that can’t seem to lose weight in the lower body no matter the amount of exercise and calorie restriction?

A lot of this boils down to hormone-behavior signaled by eating certain foods. Sure, we need to control calories, but WHAT we eat matters more than people realize.

The trouble is that most people are not educated properly on how certain foods behave in the body. (But, at least have a minimal understanding that salads are good for them). I take that understanding a step further and expand it to apply it to their unique metabolic makeup.

I create lifestyle eating plans for clients that result in a unique blueprint of how to lose weight and keep it off while actually improving their health. Losing weight doesn’t automatically someone healthier, but becoming healthier usually makes weight loss a whole lot easier (and, it’s easier to keep it off, and people avoid the dreaded rebound effect).

My clients almost always:
• find energy they thought they lost forever
• improve brain fog
• sleep better
• enjoy better skin
• reduce the appearance of cellulite
• manage or completely put into remission many autoimmune
• enjoy less restrictive eating, and can enjoy social situations
• find themselves more upbeat
• improve digestion
• improve PMS symptoms
• experience fewer cravings
• stress less over food
• re-shape their bodies with resistance training and smart cardio
• …and, finally lose weight (body fat) they thought they never would WITHOUT exercising like crazy (though we know that some exercise is very healthy, too much is not)

Weight loss and health do not have to be a reactionary process, where you suddenly say, “oh no! I have to/want to lose x pounds!” The idea is to never have that experience again, and learn how to make it a healthy lifestyle.

What if you never felt that way again?
How would that change your life?
Would you go for that job promotion, or finally buy the bathing
Would you stop feeling so tired, and sluggish?
Would you finally be able to focus on other things other than
constantly being worried about your weight, and your health?
Would you just stop feeling frustrated?

It is possible.
Learn your body: learn what it needs, learn what it doesn’t “like”, learn how it likes to move and exercise and you will never need to “diet” again. I work with people to uncover this every day. #notanotherdiet

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