Vivre Sano Ultra Clean Vegan Chocolate Protein

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A Complete and Balanced Meal for Busy People

Cleanest Possible Sourcing of Ingredients

Loaded with probiotics and enzymes

Ultra Clean, sustainably sourced ingredients that are made by only the best extraction methods. Protein sources are pea, pumpkin and almond to ensure a strong variety of amino acids that work best with your body. Also contain healthy fats that support good hormones and brain health.

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Get pure, clean vegan protein energy with the Vivre Sano Ultra Clean Vegan Chocolate Protein supplements!

Vivre Sano offers guaranteed high-quality and ultra-clean dietary supplements to elevate your health, digestion, energy, and performance. For other dietary supplements and bundles, visit the Vivre Sano Shop.

1 review for Vivre Sano Ultra Clean Vegan Chocolate Protein

  1. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I have a difficult time with protein powders but I have to admit this is not bad at all. Good taste and mixes well with everything. My 13 yr old even really likes it with banana and almond milk.!

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