Vivre Sano Ultra Clean Chocolate Whey Meal Replacement


Loaded with all the very best quality ingredients for you to nourish your clients. Meal Replacements are the Gold Standard of the Industry. We use only the highest quality ingredients and harvesting methods to ensure maximum absorption and nutrition delivery.

Allergy Warning: Contains Milk

A Complete and Balanced Meal for Busy People

Cleanest Possible Sourcing of Ingredients

Loaded with probiotics and enzymes

This is a complete meal that provides the most balanced low glycemic meal that we could create. Our Meal Replacement contains optimal levels of  PROBIOTIC, PREBIOTIC, ENZYMES, VITAMINS and MINERALS to ensure a healthy and quick to make and consume convenient meal. Not only is it great for adults, it is also a near-perfect go-to snack that is tasty and will keep kids nutritionally balanced!

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